You know that thing that gets on the nerve that makes you wonder why a certain job, person or service is there and you have such a big hope that things will all work wonderfully but they are just not helping? I had that feeling yesterday when chatting with a customer representative of a cloud storage service company.

For the record, Zoolz currently has a promotion for a 1TB cold storage lifetime subscription on StackSocial for $39. Anyone in their right mind would think that this is a great deal. I did some research on the service but did not find the question that's been lingering on my mind.

It is a lifetime membership, so what if the service ever shuts down?

I brought up this question to Zools customer representative whose response puts a bitter taste in my mouth.


The customer service rep was very confident in the mortality of the service. The response felt like an insult to my intelligence. Responding to a potential customer's question by asking if he/she has purchased the service is another cheap move. It sounded like they are not willing to help if I don't buy their service. Then why even bother put the Chat Now button on a publicly accessible website?

Anyway, long story short, in an effort to get my question confirmed, I am required to purchase the service first. Thanks, but really, no thanks.

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